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Try Rose Lodge With Our Social Club Service

Deciding to live in a residential community is a big decision and it makes sense to plan ahead so that, should the time come, you already know where you want to live. Once you have viewed a few care homes, one good way to try out Rose Lodge is to join our Social Club, which is integrated with our Cottage residential community.

Perhaps you have no intention to ever live in a Care Home, yet you would like to make new friends and join in fun activities.

Our Social Club fits the bill where you and your partner or carer can spend a couple of hours with us each week, and join in the activities you really enjoy.

With our extensive Active Living programme there is a wide range of structured and ah-hoc activities to get involved with,  in an environment which is designed specifically  for people living with dementia.

You will join  a sociable and active community  with a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere where you can be yourself,

and join in activities such as gardening, music, cooking, drama, yoga, animal keeping, and pub quizzes. Or you can just come and have your hair or nails done,  or enjoy a relaxing hand-massage or bath. You tell us what will make you happy and we will do our best to meet your needs.