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Achieve a higher quality of life
by joining our friendly Lodge community

We all value our independence and many of us intend to live in our own home as long as possible.

 ‘Please never put me in a care home’ is a common request by parents.

Yet staying at home is not always in people’s best interest.

When you live with dementia at home, your strive for independence can actually result in isolation,

loneliness and increased confusion as your old familiar home just doesn’t make sense anymore.

Moving to Rose Lodge means you join a community of people where, freed from many of the challenges of daily living,

you are able to make new friends and join in a wide variety of activities,

in a home that helps you to be as independent as possible while being safe.

It has direct access to our beautiful garden and terrace, and the rooms are modern, spacious and many have en-suite facilities.

Recently a Skype console to provide face to face video calling with friends and relatives, which can be a real asset for those with family living overseas or further away in the UK.

Moving to a home like Rose Lodge is a big decision

and we help people make that transition much easier with our social club, day care, and respite services.
The Lodge is especially suited for people living with mid to late stage dementia
and has all the services and facilities that could ever be needed,

we aim to help people achieve the best quality of life as every person deserves.

The Care Quality Commission has awarded Rose Lodge an outstanding rating twice in a row, the report can be seen HERE